Phytosanitary and veterinary control

Accommodation on the territory of temporary storage warehouse "CROCUS INTERSERVICE" of points for phytosanitary and veterinary control allows for processing of such product categories as food, livestock, and other goods subject to control by respectiveagencies. Execution of such types of control is best to be managed by professionals. Our experts know all the details, they will choose correct codes to ensure maximum efficiency of the customs clearnce process.

Phytosanitary control

Phytosanitary control - is a set of measures aimed at improving the quality of goods imported into the territory of the Russian Federation. It prevents entry of various pests to crops and pathogens. Phytosanitary control covers all products of plant origin. When exporting a phytosanitary certificate issued by the Federal Service for Phytosanitary Supervision is mandatory.

Import into the territory of the Customs Union of regulated products is allowed only at specialized checkpoints across the customs border of the Customs Union, which are specially equipped in accordance with the rules and norms of plant quarantine. Imported goods are subject to primary state phytosanitary control at border crossing checkpoints and to secondary control – at the places of destination.

Veterinary control

In addition to the phytosanitary control, there is strict veterinary control. It is part of the sanitary and epidemiological control and is carried out at border crossing checkpoints. Veterinary control means the part of the sanitary-epidemiological control, completed at the border veterinary control points, as well as in other specified places.

Livestock products, poultry, fish, poultry products, and various products made from fish and animal products are subject to mandatory veterinary control. This also includes living species of the animal world, products on the basis of animal components as well as skins, wool, fur, horns, bones, nutriment, collectibles.

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