The main activity of a separate division "CROCUS EXPO LOGISTIC", located in the "Crocus Expo" consists of clearance of goods coming for exhibitions participation in Moscow and other Russian regions.

Thanks to specialization of activity in the field of exhibition activities, main feature of the division consists of acquired extensive experience in placing of goods under the procedure of temporary importation including use of ATA carnets.

Currently, main exhibitors participating in exhibitions in the "Crocus Expo" are processed by "CROCUS EXPO LOGISTIC ".

In addition, company "CROCUS EXPO LOGISTIC" is an active member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce.

ATA Carnet - international customs document which is used as a customs declaration and which allows duty-free and simplified registration of temporary import of goods into the customs territory of the member countries of the Istanbul Convention. ATA Carnet guarantees the payment of import duties, customs fees and payments on its territory in case of carnet owner breake of customs regime of temporary import.

A.T.A. - an abbreviation of the initial letters of the French phrase «Admission Temporaire» and English - «Temporary Admission.


The International System of ATA

The ATA system includes 75 countries, including 28 EU member states. Russian Federation is a party to the Customs Conventions on the Temporary Importation of ATA carnet since 1995.

Since 2012, it is possible in Russia to use ATA carnet instead of customs declaration for the temporary export of goods (decision of the Commission for Customs Union №263 dated 20 May 2010).


Advantages of ATA carnet usage:

• replaces customs declaration and eliminates the need for declarant to file electronic declaration;
• provides faster customs clearance;

• exempts from payment of customs duties, including customs clearance fees, customs guarantee payments;

• is an international financial guarantee of payment of customs duties;

• provides an opportunity to visit 10 countries throughout the validity term.

Thus, application of ATA carnet allows its holder to save not only time but also financial resources, which in some cases may be substantial amounts.

The list of documents required for obtaining ATA carnet:

• A cover letter of standard form with request to issue ATA carnet (with stamp and signature of head of applicant organization);

• Application-guarantee form (signed by the head of applicant organization and persons duly authorized to represent the interests of carnet holder);

• Copies of documents confirming the legal status of the applicant;

• Copy of the Statute of the company (notarized);

• Сopy of the certificate of incorporation (notarized);

• Power of attorney for the right to sign ATA carnet and right to complete all activities related to carnet acquisition;

• Copies of documents on the basis of which goods are imported/exported signed and stamped by the head of the applicant organization (contract, invitation to the exhibition, etc. with translation into Russian language);

• Documents confirming actual commercial value of goods: copy of the bill, invoice, price lists and other documents that determine or confirm the value of the goods (signed and stamped by the head of the applicant organization and the chief accountant);
• The total list of products in the form in which it will be listed on the back cover of ATA carnet (in printing). The total list is presented separately in English and Russian languages.


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