Customs post is a division of customs of the Russian Federation, which provides full scale customs clearance and customs control at the designated point or in a particular area.

The presence of customs posts on the territories of the company makes the process of customs clearance faster and more efficient, assists in avoiding unnecessary delay in the processing of documents. Currently, all customs operations are carried out at the following customs posts:
- (10013010) Akulovskiy customs post, located on the territory of temporary storage warehouse "CROCUS INTERSERVICE"
- and customs clearance and customs control division №3 of the Moscow Customs Exhibition Post on the territory of "Crocus Expo" (143400, Moscow Region, Krasnogorsk, 65 - 66 km Moscow Ring Road, Trade Exhibition Complex, Bldg. №2). Its main activity is clearance of goods coming for participation in exhibitions in Moscow and other regions of Russian Federaition.

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