Our company provides a full range of customs, transport and logistic services. We aim to provide quality and professional service to our customers.

Advantages of working with us are the following:

• Extensive experience and reputation as a reliable partner;

• High quality of provided services;

• Maximum proximity to Moscow;

• In-house storage facilities and accommodation services, customs and other types of state control;

• Availability of refrigeratory chambers for product placement, which requires an appropriate temperature storage regime;

• Preparation of all permission documentation;

• Clear company’s pricing policy;

• Flexible doscount system;

In-house facilities:

• Customs terminals

• LLC "CROCUS INTERSERVICE", Moscow region, Odintsovo district, p. Akulovo (Odintsovo rn), a certificate of inclusion in the register of temporary storage 10130/200111/10118/8 dated 25.02.2021) – customs clearance and customs control division №2 customs post Kubinka

• LLC "Crocus Expo", Moscow 65 - 66 th km - customs clearance and customs control division №3 of the Moscow Customs Exhibition Post

• Bonded warehouse certificate № 10013/067/А 21.04.2022

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ООО "CROCUS EXPO LOGISTICS"  + 7 (495) 727 26 49

ООО "CROCUS INTERSERVICE" tel. +7 (495) 593 43 33, fax +7 (495) 593 00 57